Per Axbom

Per Axbom

Per Axbom is a critic of the sole focus of doing things the right way - making tools and processes more efficient. This often makes us forget about doing the right thing, that which can help us stay on the right path. Because of this people are harmed, exposed to injustice, excluded or pushed into activities that don’t support their goals.

For two decades Per has educated digital professionals and helped organizations with issues around usability, accessibility and UX. He teaches at universities, has co-hosted more than 200 podcast episodes and is often invited to speak at international conferences.

As a trained coach Per has a a passion for listening and is a proponent of the power that can be unlocked by allowing people to explore their own strengths and abilities. He has a passion for interviews and is experienced in using the visual language of sketches and prototypes to create consensus and insights about both problems and solutions.

Very keen on promoting the concept of design ethics, he is an advocate of responsible innovation: helping digital professionals understand and manage the impact of their work.

Per is a Swedish communication theorist who was born in Liberia and later lived in Saudi Arabia and Tanzania. He believes his background has helped him understand there are many ways of looking at the world.

Twitter: @axbom

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Per Axbom makes digital tech safe and compassionate. He works with reflective reasoning, considerate design, coaching and teaching.

In Swedish: Per Axbom gör digital teknik trygg och omtänksam. Han arbetar med reflektivt resonerande, hänsynstagande design, coaching och utbildning.