Website Accessibility: The Internet is for Everyone
Carie Fisher Accessibility Lead & Sr. Front End Developer
Accessibility Facts
What is website accessibility anyway?
Who is website accessibility for?
US Population
Total Disabled Population
Severely Disabled Population
State of Maryland + DC
Why should I care about website accessibility?
We are ALL just Temporarily Able-bodied
Easy Accessibility Rules
Rule #1: Don’t Freak Out
Rule #2: Learn a Few Things
Rule #3: Build from the Ground Up
Rule #4: Use the Right Tools
Rule #5: Try, Try Again
Accessibility Guidelines
Color & Contrast
Misc Features
Drupal All the Things
Great News! D8 Does a Lot of Heavy Lifting
Extend Drupal Accessibility
Accessible Forms (D7)
Accessible Mega Menu (D7)
Add to Any (D7 & D8)
Block ARIA Landmark Roles (D7)
High contrast (D7)
HTML Tidy (D7)
Readability Analyzer (D7)
Switch Theme (D7)
Text Resize (D7 & D8)
Accessibility Resources
Accessibility Resources - General
Accessibility Resources - Guidelines & Checklists
Accessibility Resources - Tools
Accessibility Resources - Drupal
Your Challenge