What Does Accessibility Mean for Multimedia?
Carie Fisher
Intro to Multimedia & WCAG
Accessibility Talks (a11yTalks)
Multimedia Types & WCAG Requirements
What Are Captions?
Example of Open & Closed Captions
Example of Captions (Edit view)
Example of Captions (Edit view)
Example of Bad Captions
WCAG Requirements for Captions
What Are Transcripts?
Example Transcript
WCAG Requirements for Transcripts
What Are Audio Descriptions?
Example Audio Description
WCAG Requirements for Audio Descriptions
WCAG Requirements for Extended Audio Descriptions
What Is Sign Language Interpretation?
Sign Language
Example of Sign Language Interpretation
WCAG Requirements for Sign language interpretation
Tips & Tricks for Multimedia
Steps for Making Your Multimedia Accessible
Presentation Tips
Closing Quote