Develop, Debug, Learn? A time to re-think our tooling.
I remember when this was all fields…
And then we added labels…
JavaScript, DHTML, Unobtrusive JavaScript, Flash/Air/Flex, DOM Scripting, AJAX, Comet…
A logical order…
Then we added abstractions…
And build processes…
Alas… Learn Depend Develop Debug
Caught in the rush…
This is not about us. This is about our tech legacy.
Filling the needs - musts
Adding quality - should
Creating delight - want
developers === people
Demand overload!
We work on faith…
Missed opportunities
A tale of fixing a typo…
We have amazing tech, and yet nobody is happy.
The full stackoverflow developer.
What went wrong?
Context switching is mentally exhausting – really!
Rethinking tooling… Prevent us from doing things wrong instead of patching up what we created.
A more natural approach…
Holistic developer tools:  Lightweight, preconfigured and open to feedback and contribution.
Two sides to our stack
This is powerful and flexible.
Problem: You can’t know everything
In-context documentation and linting – learn while you code.
Problem: Context switching is tiring
Editing in elements
Wild idea: Open source code is a resource
But I know that an open mind, open ears and open source can fix this.
Automation is happening everywhere.
This is a good time to be open to make it easy to become a developer.
This is your world to build.
Merci beaucoup! Chris Heilmann