Rethinking enterprise architecture for DevOps, Agile, and cloud native organizations

A presentation at Codemotion Amsterdam in in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Michael Coté

Current application theory says that all responsibility for software should be pushed down to the actual DevOps-style team writing, delivering, and running the software. This leaves the EA role in the dust, seemingly killing it off. In addition to this being disquieting to EAs out there who have steep mortgage payments and other expensive hobbies, it seems to drop out the original benefits of enterprise architecture, namely oversight of all IT-related activities to make sure things don’t go wrong (e.g., spending, poor tech choices, problematic integration, etc.) and that things, rather, go right.

Michael Coté has spoken with several EA teams over the past few years about the changing nature of how EAs can help in a DevOps- and cloud native-driven culture. You’ll hear their experiences, including what type of EA help is actually needed and helps organizations thrive.