Unlocking Open Source Design, for all of humanity Eriol Fox, Thomas Kueber & Andre Jay Meissner
Unlocking Open Source Design, for all of humanity.
Speaker intro slide
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What is Open Source Software?
What is Open Source Software? continued
Designers want to work on projects ‘for good’.
Why aren’t there many design related contributions to OSS?
Intro to Open Design
A year of research.
OSS isn’t part of design education.
Explanation of OSS contribution sounds like ‘work for free’.
Most OSS projects understand design as ‘logos’ and ‘graphics’.
Why we continued the ‘live workshop’ approach.
India, Bengaluru and Taiwan, Taipei
Design activities.
Design activities continued
One prototype using voice
More cities in 2020 and beyond.
Increase and sustain contribution. Support the community. Build understanding between design and OSS. Bringing Open Design to education and workplaces
Open methodology, frameworks and processes to use and remix: github.com/ushahidi/opendesign