Design contributions to OSS: Learnings from the Open Design project.
Eriol Fox - Introduction slide
Why aren’t there many design related contributions to OSS?
Pilot events - Berlin 2018 & Seattle 2019
Designers want to work on projects ‘for good’.
Introduction to Open Design.
Designers collaborating and contributing to Humanitarian OSS and tech for good at challenge gatherings.
But there are a lot of challenges.
Most designers don’t have a clue about what OSS is or can be.
OSS isn’t part of design education.
Even if designers know OSS, Github can be a barrier.
Most OSS projects understand design as ‘logos’ and ‘graphics’.
OSS project issues can be restrictive…
…but open workshops often lose focus and relevancy.
Lack of version control in software and process for designers.
The Open Design workshops in 2019 that tested our new methodology and framework.
Design activities.
Location specific builds community.
Invite into the process a ‘witness’.
Translate issues to design challenges.
Increase & sustain contribution. Support the community. Build understanding between design and OSS. Bringing Open Design to education and workplaces.
We want to build relationships with more OSS projects.
And with designers and developers globally.
Open methodology, frameworks and processes to use and remix:
A community of supportive designers in open source