Hui Jing’s upcoming schedule

Chen Hui Jing is presenting at these upcoming events.

JekyllConf 2019

Why I love data files in Jekyll

22 September 2019

Edinburgh, UK

Finch Front-end

Using DevTools to understand modern layouts

The newer layout methods that CSS offers are more powerful than anything we’ve had before, introducing numerous properties and values whose behaviour that might seem confusing if you don’t completely understand how the browser interprets them.

DevTools can be more than just a debugging tool. It can also help better our understanding of how the browser renders CSS.

This talk will explain a variety of modern CSS layout techniques through live demonstrations via DevTools, and provide real-world use cases of how such techniques allow designs to better adapt across a broad range of viewports.

23 September 2019

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Budapest, Hungary

CSSConf Budapest

MC for CSSConf Budapest 2019

My first experience as an MC outside of Singapore, extremely privileged for the opportunity to introduce a fantastic line-up of speakers for the 3rd CSSConf Budapest.

25 September 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands

View Source Conference 2019

Demystify modern CSS layouts with DevTools

Flexbox, Grid and Box alignment properties are powerful and versatile new additions our web development toolkit. However, they may be slightly confusing to wrap your head around if you do not completely understand how browsers interpret the CSS values you assign. Although we tend to associate DevTools with debugging, Firefox DevTools comes with features that can help visualise how these properties work and better understand what’s going on as the viewport size changes.

01 October 2019

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


A deep dive into images on the web

Images are often seen as the low-hanging fruit for performance optimization on the web, so there’s plenty of guidance around what image formats to use for which scenarios. But have you wondered why that is? Or how image data itself is interpreted by browsers? This talk goes down a rabbit hole in an attempt to uncover what goes on under the hood when it comes to rendering images on the web. And a deeper understanding of not only the how, but the why, can help you make more informed decisions about the images in your projects.

03 October 2019