The Future is Cross-functional

A presentation at New Adventures 2019 in in Nottingham, UK by Jessica White

An Introduction To Me

An Introduction To Me

It used to be that we all worked in our silos. Designers designed, Developers devved, Testers tested. The people in each of these sections of expertise only communicated when the process dictated. It was a world of waterfall.

This is no longer the world we live in. We are encouraged to work cross-functionally, but despite best intentions, it can be difficult to transfer to this way of thinking to develop this culture effectively. Can it be done? Yes! To demonstrate I will cover examples of where I have seen it work and why it did. We will also discuss some of the different flavours of cross-functional teams, and why you shouldn’t just care about DevOps or T-shaped development, but care about all forms of cross-functionality and their benefits.

This talk is aimed at all levels and all professions within technology. Come along, and I’ll show you not only why you should work together in this way, but also offer tips on how to achieve it.


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