Kit Oliynyk

Kit Oliynyk

Hi. Over the past 15 years, I’ve been a design leader, a speaker, a writer, a product designer, an inventor, a UX/interaction/something-something designer, a consultant, a dad (twice), and a cautious optimist for this exciting tech-ridden time we all live in. I care a lot about design cultures at a large scale, design ethics, and computational design. In my current role I’m helping OneMain, a large financial institution, go through its digital transformation while bringing humanity to personal lending.

Twitter: @fiorine

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I’m a design leader, passionate about design culture, design ops, and design storytelling. My job is fostering a strong design organization at large scale and integrating a human-centric design culture across the entire company while empowering designers to get better as people and as professionals, develop their careers and share their stories of design impact. While having a strong background in product, service and interaction design, I’m constantly learning, and I’m sharing my knowledge with our designers, our business partners and the design industry worldwide.

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Being a human experience designer means caring deeply about people and using my skills to make their lives better, help my company grow, and develop our society as a whole. Here’s how.

I’m a systems thinker. My brain works in frameworks, journey maps, and complex integrated systems at a large scale. I excel at navigating various zoom levels of a design project—from huge enterprise ecosystems and data streams to small UI components and design patterns. It all matters to me, and I love how those things fit together in a product or service I’m designing.

I start with “why”. I start every design project by clearly defining a problem we’re trying to solve for the people, as well as the business objectives this project is trying to achieve. I’m also thinking about design ethics, and the impact this project might have on the sustainability of our human society as a whole.

I’m entrepreneurial at heart. I love starting from scratch, and I love working on some big hairy problems. I don’t like to move fast and break things, but I sure love to learn fast. I prototype something quickly to get insights and validate the idea as soon as possible, then iterate on the solution. Whether that’s deploying iPads for people in 800 bank branches, or building a Slackbot to help my colleagues work more efficiently together, I don’t like to wait around for someone to solve things for me.

I wear many leadership hats. That said, I rarely solve problems alone— I like to assemble a superhero team and get everyone into the weeds. As a leader, I get to be a coach, a manager, a diplomat, and an architect—all at the same time. I love coaching my team and empower everyone to reach their best potential as designers. I protect my team and shield them from distractions as much as possible, so they could focus on delivering the best results. I help my team find the right direction, then let them shine and do their best work.

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