Accessibility For Everyone
Accessibility is making technology available to everyone.
We build the new everyday things.
We all know our industry isn’t so diverse
We don’t all have the same needs.
We need to understand and care about differing needs.
Understanding problems = Better at solving problems
Inclusive or accessible?
Accessible design
Inclusive design
Do we know what’s best?
Don’t be colonial.
What makes inclusive design?
Provide alternatives.
Your content may already be inclusive.
Use plain language.
Provide text alternatives.
Inclusive social media
Write meaningful alternative text.
Create transcripts for video and audio content.
Use captions for video content.
Good accessibility is good usability.
Accessible technology can’t be beautiful?
Aesthetics are part of usability.
Aesthetics as design, not decoration
We are not making art.
Beauty is a thoughtfully-designed interface.
Aesthetic principles
Careful aesthetic decisions benefit people with cognitive differences.
Interfaces shouldn’t be surprising.
Don’t be different for the sake of being different.
But don’t just do it because everybody else does it.
Small isn’t tidy. It’s just small.
Don’t use colour as a sole means to convey information.
Use contrast.
Test your designs in greyscale.
Don’t rely on icons to convey meaning.
You still have room for creativity.
Distinguish ourselves on caring.
We need ethics.
Ethical Design Manifesto
Ethical Design
Build for our future
It’s not always *illegal* to be unethical.
It’s early days but we’ve already gone too far…
Build it for your own sake.
Thank you.