Accessibility For Everyone
What is **accessibility**?
“I know the basics…”
“I am the best.”
There’s no shortcut to being an “expert”.
We centre ourselves in the development process.
When we centre ourselves, we sacrifice others.
Do. the. work.
Low contrast text: 86.1% of homepages
Fix low contrast text
Missing alternative text for images: 67.9% of homepages
Empty links: 58.9% of homepages
Empty buttons: 27% of homepages
Missing form input labels: 53.2% of homepages
Missing document language: 30.5% of homepages
Accessibility is often sacrificed when we prioritise developer experience.
Impact of web frameworks on accessibility
Impact of JavaScript frameworks on accessibility
Impact of advertisement frameworks on accessibility
Be a framework sceptic.
Distinguish ourselves on caring.
But we build things for people like us.
Not othering
Don’t treat the people who use your products as “other”.
Carrot or stick?
Common tactics
Don’t shut people out.
It’s more than irritating
21% of people living in the UK have a disability.
Many people with disabilities have more than one type of impairment.
Impairments intersect.
Some impairments are temporary.
We are all ageing.
We sabotage our future selves.
We need to think in the long-term.
Hire diverse teams
Diversify our source material.
Then we’re ready?
Don’t be colonial.
Systemic inequality
Mainstream technology today is not inclusive.
Their technology enables harassment.
Marginalised groups are more vulnerable to unethical technology.
We sabotage our future selves.
We build the new everyday things.
1. Be independent.
2. Be the advisor.
3. Be the advocate.
4. Be the questioner.
5. Be the gatekeeper.
6. Be difficult.
7. Be unprofessional.
8. Be the supporter.
Thank you