A designer and developer walk into a bar…
Who We Are
The Helios Design System
Today’s Agenda
Design Systems
Our Approach
Lessons Learned
Ok before we dive in...
Design Systems
What is a design system?
A little bit of...everything
What makes a successful design system?
Where do the breakdowns happen in a system team?
Challenge Exception
Challenges: Scale
Challenge: lots of apps!
Challenges: Unification
Challenges: That one react app
Challenge: Legacy...everything.
Challenge: new team!
Challenge: Existing figma designs
Challenge: existing UI addons
Challenge: designer vs developer
Challenge: same thing, different names
Challenge: gaps
Our approach
Our approach: process overview
Our approach: process details
Our approach: component planning
Component planning: audits!
Component planning; requirements document
Component planning: kickoff
our approach: component creation
component creation: design
Component creation: more design
component creation: design...the ideal
component creation: development
component creation: the cycle
Our approach: documentation
documentation: design
Our Approach / Ambassador Program
Ambassador Program: what is it?
Ambassador program: why is it important?
Our Approach: Meeting Cadence
Meeting Cadence: Globally-distributed team
Meeting cadence: weekly schedule
Our Approach: Accessibility
Accessibility: where is it in our process?
Accessibility: In our code
Accessibility: In our docs
Accessibility: In our foundations
Accessibility: conformance by default
Lessons Learned
Lessons Learned: legacy is real
Lessons Learned:process is vital
Process is vital: shared expectations
Process is vital: uniting cross-functional teams
Process is vital: thinking about our future selves
Lessons learned: engagement
Lessons learned: celebrate your wins
Celebrate your wins: Hashicorp design system v2.8.0
Helios by the numbers (part 1)
Helios by the numbers (part 2)
Happy consumer quote 1
Happy consumer quote 2
Happy consumer quote 3
In closing...