Building Accessible Apps with Ember.js
Thank you to my family!
What is Ember?
The question we're here to answer
The answer
Why is Ember.js a good choice?
The truth we know
Application Configuration
Optional Feature: Application Template wrapper
The command
The before picture
The after picture
history of this optional feature
Ember Addons
Finding Addons
Some Ember Addons that might help
ember component attributes
new component style
Finding component addons
Other considerations
There are things you'll need to consider
First consideration: components
Ember's input helper
what you'll likely do
Consideration: Ember actions
consideration: component focus management
Consideration: keyboard navigation
Consideration: Application Focus Today
Consideration: Application Focus Tomorrow
Consideration: Application Focus In The Future
Testing considerations
Unit & Integration Tests
Testing addons you can use
Manual testing considerations
Accessibility Roadmap
Roadmap: A11y in Ember.js
Accessible Routing
Semantic Test Helpers
Developer Support
Patterns & Addons
Lead by Example
Some Final Thoughts
Thank you!