The Benefits of Galvanized Expanded Metal

A presentation at Duke’s Metal Industries in in Vancouver, BC, Canada by Duke's Metal Industries

Galvanized expanded metal is a widespread and adaptable material that can be utilised in a wide number of settings due to its durability and adaptability. The pattern on it that looks like a diamond was created by first stretching a sheet of metal, and then expanding it into the shape that was wanted. Following this step, the expanded metal sheet is hot-dip galvanised to prevent it from corroding in the future. Galvanized expanded metal is an outstanding material option that can be put to a broad variety of different uses. This is due to the fact that it can be acquired in a large variety of diameters and thicknesses. Galvanized expanded metal is typically utilised for a wide range of purposes, including sunshades, ventilation panels, security grilles, industrial shelving, and a great number of other uses.