Best Uses For Concrete Reinforcing Mesh

A presentation at Duke’s Metal Industries in in Vancouver, BC, Canada by Duke's Metal Industries

Reinforcing mesh, made from a grid of steel wire, is woven into concrete to increase the material’s strength and durability. After the entire grid is encased in concrete, the supporting structure is erected utilising a network of parallel wires that are welded at their points of intersection. The mesh serves multiple purposes, one of which is reinforcing the concrete, which improves the structure’s strength and stability. Benefits abound when you use concrete reinforcing mesh in your construction endeavours. It has a wide variety of possible applications, such as the construction of roads, walkways, foundations, and walls. Due to its efficacy, this method can also be used to repair preexisting concrete structures. Furthermore, the installation of the concrete reinforcing mesh is a simple process that does not call for the use of any specialised instruments or equipment.