Understanding display
Some things are block things, and some things are inline.
If it didn't, our document would load looking like this.
Being able to change the value of display is important
How we have taught CSS
CSS Display Module Level 3
block and inline
writing‐mode: vertical‐rl
Normal flow
Layout always returns to normal flow
display: block
display: inline
display: flex
Creating a flex formatting context
A formatting context
display: flex
display: flex
justify‐content: space‐between
display: inline‐flex
display: grid
The value of display
Two values of display
display: block flex
display: block flow-root
overflow: auto
display: block flow‐root
display: inline flow-root
display: flex
Anonymous boxes
Out of flow
Absolute positioning in a grid layout
Not generating boxes
It's all a value of display