Designing and Developing for the Neurodivergent Mind Title Slide
Section 1: Definitions
Neurodivergence Is
Neurodivergence Is Not
Neurodivergent Is Popularizing
Food for Thought
Section 2: Conformance
WCAG for Cognitive Disabilities
Basically Non-Interference Means
Section 3: Assistive Tech
Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology Reality
Assistive Technology for ND
Section 4: Applying It
Moving Content: Sensory and Distraction
Moving Content: From a ND User
Blocking Moving Ads 1
Blocking Moving Ads 2
I challenge you to start a conversation about moving ads
Subtitles: Language Processing
Subtitles: From a ND User
Netflix's Queer Eye
Voice To Text: Dyslexia
Voice To Text: From a ND User
Pinterest Search Field
Google Doc Voice Typing
Display Password: Working Memory
Display Password: From a ND User
Anthem Health Care Log In
Remember Me & Autocomplete Remember Me: Working Memory
Remember Me & Autocomplete: From a ND User
Google Password Owns My Life
Thank You!