Can You See That OK?
9% of Australians live with low vision
Demo site
Zoom tool in the browser settings
Zooming creates horizontal scrollbars
Video of zooming on the fixed site
Flip to mobile on zoom with em-based responsive design
As for previous slide, with em units highlighted
Video of text resizing on original site
Allow containers to resize along with text
Check background styles
Video of text resizing on the fixed site
Colour contrast is essential
Text is hard to contrast over a varied background image
Changing the colour might not help
Borders and drop-shadows can help
Semi-opaque panels can help
Reverse the colours
Fixed site with text over images
Colour is often used to indicate special items in a group
Check for colour-only indicators with a greyscale filter
Demo site with greyscale filter applied
Use changed shapes to distinguish menu items
Greyscale site with reverse-colour style on selected menu item
Colour version of site with block-style on selected menu item
Greyscale version of lower half of site
Greyscale lower half with links circled to show their position
Colour alone is insufficient to indicate links
Underlines are reliable indicators for most people
Make underlines prettier with skip-ink
Video of changing themes on Windows desktop
Video of the demo site in high contrast
Demo site with login modal open in high contrast
Modal in colour
Add borders for high contrast modes
Fixed modal in high contrast
Final fixed site