GDPR and Education

A presentation at National Association of Head Teachers GDPR event in in Antrim BT41, UK by Simon Whittaker

It will ensure you understand the new GDPR (effective from Friday, 25th May, 2018) and how this will impact on your school practices. During the seminar you will learn about the data protection principles and the new GDPR legislation and the impact this will have on schools and your business practices. You will increase your knowledge and understanding of how to deal with some of the threats which you may face in your day to day role including:

  • Data protection laws and principles
  • GDPR and principles
  • GDPR requirements for compliance
  • Applying GDPR to a school context
  • Where to go to for support and guidance
  • Identify key considerations for achieving GDPR compliance and plan next steps
  • Develop a school/trust level plan for compliance