Technologic (Human afterall): Accessibility mix

A presentation at Accessible By Design in in Bloomington, IN, USA by Léonie Watson

With a little help from Daft Punk, Léonie explains accessibility mechanics in the browser, why CSS isn't just about looking good, and what tools you can use to get ahead of the game.

When you use HTML the browser handles a lot of things for you. It exposes semantic information to accessibility APIs on the platform, and provides focus and interaction. But what do you do when using proper HTML isn't possible?

Once upon a time CSS let us separate design and structure, but in recent years the streams have started to cross again. CSS can change the way content is exposed by the browser, often with unexpected consequences. But does this matter in the real world?

When you're sprinting for a deadline, rapidly iterating code and using frameworks and build tools to make it happen, accessibility can feel like one thing too many. So how the hell do you keep your code accessible as you go?



The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.