Android & Antifascism: German Post-War Design and its Influence on Material UI by A.J. Kandy
This is a story about...
1919 – 1933: The Bauhaus
The picture plane
A cartoon by Joost Swarte about the picture plane
Ceci n'est pas un pipe
Scott McCloud's pyramid diagram of realism, abstraction, and iconic representation
Klee and Breuer
A 1920s interior
Costumes from the Triadische Ballet, at the Bauhaus
Bauhaus typography
Futura, 1927
1933 – 1945: The Nazi era
“Degenerate” art exhibit, 1937
Hans and Sophie Scholl
Hans and Sophie Scholl
Inge Scholl
Otl Aicher
After 1945: Post-War Design
HfG Ulm, 1953 – 1968
Max Bill (L) with Ray and Charles Eames
Objects from Ulm
Tomas Maldonado color theory graphics
Dieter Rams / Ulm record player for Braun
Braun 'Explorer' transistor radio, 1955
After 1945: Swiss style
Two Swiss grid posters
Adrian Frutiger
Frutiger in airports
Univers a humanist sans-serif
Periodic table of Univers, Linotype
1967–1976: The New World
The 1972 Olympics
Otl Aicher's Olympic pictograms
1972 Olympic posters
The 1976 Olympics in Montreal
Artifacts from the 1976 Olympics
Material Design and Otl Aicher's posters
Material Design and Otl Aicher's posters
The skeuomorphic era of UI design
The skeuomorphic era of UI design
A new design language, from... Microsoft
Windows Phone
Material's typographic hierarchy
Material's grid system
Material's basis in 'honesty in materials'
Bonus section!
O Canada
1967: The Canadian Centennial Year
The Montreal Metro
Univers and the Metro
Univers and Montreal
Expo 67
Expo pictograms
The CBC logo
Burton Kramer
The NFB logo by Georges Beaupré
In conclusion
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