Orchestrating A Successful Onboarding Strategy
Secrets Of Videoblogging - 2006
Firefox Support Site
Mr. Robot
Hacker News
Search Mockup
Good Retention
Bad Retention
Creating Passionate Users
If you want them to RTFM, make a better FM
Mapping it out; Figuring it out; Getting it done
Mapping it out
Simplified user flow
Conway’s Law
Journey Map
User research is a team sport
You are not your user
Realistic environment
Calibarate yourself
Interview coworkers
Search Ads
Firefox New York Times Ad
Firefox Crop Circle
SEM Campaign
User Journeys
Welcome to Firefox
Figuring it out
Organized by technology
Cross-functional team
Firefox design values
Firefox 57
Einstein's Pocket Watch
Mike & Joe Play Star Trek
Mise en scène
Like directing
Getting it done
Things we wanted to stop doing
Old Installer
Old Installer Icon
Installer buttons
New Installer
New Installer icon
Import Wizard
Plan B
Default Browser Prompt
Things we wanted to start doing
First Run Animation
New User Tour
New User Tour video
Setting a new baseline
Wrapping it up
Thank You!