More than just the slides.

Notist is a hub for your speaking events. Yes, a place to share your slides, but also to collate feedback, tweets, photos, sketchnotes and everything to create your permanent speaking portfolio.

Notist is currently beta testing, bringing people on board daily

Presentations of note

Your speaking portfolio.

You host your code on GitHub, your photos on Instagram, and your workouts on Strava. Your speaking gigs? They go on Notist. (Hey, welcome!)

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We’re in beta testing with a small group and bringing people on board gradually. You can sign up right now and we’ll let you know when your access is ready.

About Notist

Who’s behind this?

Notist is a project developed by Drew McLellan and Rachel Andrew. We’re the team behind the CMS Perch. We know a lot about content management, and we know a lot about public speaking. We thought we would bring these two things together and that place is Notist. Somewhere not just to host slides, but everything from the handouts to share with listeners to their thoughts by way of curated social media posts.

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