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People who speak at conferences often do so as part of one or more teams. In particular, many public speakers represent their company, speaking at events as part of Developer Relations, or Marketing activities.

For managers

Putting the aye! in team

If you manage such a team it is likely that you need to report on team activity, which usually requires asking each team member to complete a spreadsheet of information every month about what they have been doing. This can be time-consuming and, in the case of remote teams where individuals have a lot of freedom, the information about the events can come in too late for it to be beneficial for internal or external promotion.

With Notist however your team members are adding their information as they build up their speaker portfolio, and in order to share resources with attendees. This means that the information already exists, you just need a straightforward way to access it in real-time, and to generate reports on a regular basis.

This is Notist Teams.

Your Team Account will allow you to add individual speakers to your team. Speakers can be part of more than one team.

For the speaker this will give them the option to display the team or teams they are part of on their profile.

For the team admin this will enable reporting, for example:

Your speakers won’t need to do anything more than they already do, in order to promote themselves as a public speaker. You get the collated data that you need to ensure your speaking outreach is working well.

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