Understanding Kubernetes in a visual way

A presentation at CNCF Montréal in in Montreal, QC, Canada by Aurélie Vache

Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard to deploy and operate containerized applications. But understanding Kubernetes can be difficult or time-consuming.

Two years ago I asked myself how I imagined the concepts of Kubernetes: a pod, a deployment, a service, a secret, a configmap, a cronjob… and then I created a new way of explaining Cloud technologies.

In the first part of the talk, I will tell you a story, I will tell you my story. How, during more than two years, I worked every evening/nights/wee-end to explaining Kubernetes in sketchnotes, in blog posts, videos and finally published everything (and more) in an illustrated book of more than 270 pages (with all the concepts included Debugging / Troubleshooting and Tips) and why I continue to do it.

And in the second part, I will explain Kubernetes to you … in a visual way :-).

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