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Fission Demo Day December 2020 Fission Demo Day December 2020 December 2020
Fission Background Fission Weekly Video Chat - UCAN (do) secure key management in the browser, with Ben Bollen November 2020
Open Source: Licensing, Business Models, Community Outlier Ventures Basecamp Accelerator - Internal Presentation July 2020
Drupal and the Decentralized Web DrupalCon Global 2020 July 2020
Cap Table & Term Sheets Learning Session Cap Table & Term Sheets Learning Session (Venture Scouts) July 2020
Fission - Building Web Native Apps IPFS Weekly Community Call March 2020
Open Source Licensing Evolution Diffusion 2019 October 2019
A new open source deal for Web3 Ethereum Classic Summit October 2019
BOSS19 Opening / Closing Remarks Berlin Open Source Salon August 2019
Constellation Providers Decentralized Storage Summit August 2019
Open Source & Growing Ethereum Seattle Ethereum Meetup - May 2019 May 2019
Open Source Licenses, Peer Production & Non Code Contributions Ethereum Berlin Meetup: Growing Open Source April 2019
Schedule and Background for CoreDevs Berlin Ethereum CoreDevs Berlin - Istanbul Hardfork & Eth1x Roadmap April 2019
RUN EVM Sponsors RUN EVM - Opcode 1 April 2019
ETH1x Roadmap ETHCC 2019 March 2019
How can the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance interoperate with the public Ethereum chain EIP process? Devcon 4 October 2018

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