Daan Bakboord

Daan Bakboord

My passion is collecting, processing, storing and presenting data. I help organisations to use this internal and external data in such a way that they can take action. My goal is simple. A customer must be able to make decisions based on facts and within the right context.

DaAnalytics is my personal label. I provide Data & Analytics services and I have been active in Oracle Analytics since the mid-2000s. As of the end of 2017, Cloud Data Analytics has my specific attention. Initially focused on Snowflake ❄️. I am now Snowflake SnowPro Core certified and considered a Snowflake Data Hero. In addition, I focus on a number of other products from the Snowflake Eco-System.

My specialties are connecting BI Tooling to Datawarehouses / Data Sources. Modelling the Semantic Layer (e.g. Oracle Analytics Repository and Looker LookML). Currently specialising in Snowflake (SnowPro Core certified), Looker and Fivetran and Matillion (the latter two for Data Integration)

Recent Presentations

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