WordCamp US

01 - 02 November 2019 in St. Louis, MO, USA #wcus Event website

Whether you’re attending your first WordCamp or your 100th, you’re bound to have fun, learn a lot, and widen your circle of WordPress friends, and attending a WCUS multiplies the friends and fun exponentially.

Here is some info about attending WCUS:

First: No two WCUS experiences are the same. Different speakers, venues, sponsors, and even the food will create a different experience. And, of course, camp attendees will be different each time.

Second: You will meet new people at every WCUS, and create an amazing network of WordPress friends – and then greet each other as old friends at every time you see each other going forward.

Third: No matter what your WordPress experience is, every WordCamp has a wide spectrum of attendees with every level of experience.

Fourth: You may feel overwhelmed at first, but that’s normal! Some sessions may feel like you’ve wandered into another world, and in other sessions, things will be familiar and click into place.

Fifth: The WordPress community is a wonderful group of people. The WordPress culture is permeated with good people, and we are all here to help one another.