Devsigner Con 2016

06 - 07 August 2016 in Portland, OR, USA #dvsgnr2016 Event website

Twenty-three speakers gathered at Devsigner 2016 in Portland, OR, for sessions and workshops — cross-pollinating design, development and front-end engineering ideas, tools and techniques.

What is Devsigner

Devsigner is celebrating the cross-overs, the multi-disciplinarians, the coders who paint and the designers who send pull requests — and those who want to develop some new left-right brain skills.

We’re looking for folks to break out of their familiar meetup silos and apply their knowledge across the crafts of development and design.

Who should attend?

  • graphic designers who want to hone their web design chops
  • developers who want the beauty of their projects to match the beauty of their code
  • artists who are tired of ugly or unusable websites
  • branding experts who want to tell developers a story about the cobbler’s children
  • Sass/Puppet/Angular/Grunt/Node evangelists who want to spread the good word
  • you!