Javascript fwdays‘20

14 March 2020 #jsfwdays Event website

According to the Ukrainian Government’s decree from March 11 about the decision to restrict large-scale events in Kyiv, we will not be able to hold a JavaScript fwdays’20 conference this Saturday (March 14)

This decision was a difficult one, we were very much looking forward to meeting all JS Communities ️ Also, we spent a lot of effort, energy, and money and the conference was already 90% prepared. Despite this, we cannot and do not want to risk the health of our participants and act against the instructions of the authorities.

For participants, who have bought the ticket to the following conference:

  • An additional fall JavaScript fwdays conference will be held on September 19th. Participants of the Spring JavaScript fwdays’20 will receive a free ticket to the mentioned conference.
  • We will hold two online conferences with speakers and Q&A on March 14th and March 21st.

All attendees got the letters with the further details regarding online-conference on March 14th on their registered emails.