Katie McLaughlin

Katie McLaughlin

Katie has worn many different hats over the years. She has been a software developer for many languages, systems administrator for multiple operating systems, and speaker on many different topics.

When she’s not changing the world, she enjoys making tapestries, cooking, and seeing just how well various application stacks handle emoji.

My full presentation list is available at glasnt.com/talks

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A Right Stitch-up: Creating embroidery patterns with Pillow PyCon US 2019 May 2019
Turning ‘wat’ into ‘why’ PyCascades 2019 February 2019
ORM: The Sequel DjangoCon Europe 2018 May 2018
The Power ⚡️ and Responsibility 😓 of Unicode Adoption DjangoCon US 2017 August 2017

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