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Lanyrd Import

Importing your data

We really loved Lanyrd and like many people it became the main place we stored our list of conference speaking engagements. We originally planned to allow Notist users to import their Lanyrd history based on the export file available in their Lanyrd account. This would give you all of the event titles and dates, something that can be quite hard to find after the event ends and is slow to enter by hand.

In the last few weeks, however, it has been impossible to log into a Lanyrd account to retrieve your data. Worried that Lanyrd might become be read-only for good and might even go away entirely, we’ve built a way for you to get your Lanyrd export via the publicly accessible Export pages.

What will the export give me?

You’ll get a JSON file to download of event titles, dates and whether you were speaking, attending or tracking. This is the same information as was available in the logged in export. You can take it and do whatever you want with it – it's yours. We will also import the data of any speaking events into your Notist account, so that when we go live you’ll have a head start at creating your portfolio on Notist.

Can you not get all the presentations I uploaded or other information?

To do this, we would need to start screen-scraping from pages on Lanyrd. This doesn’t feel right to us, so we’re limiting the data we import to that available from publicly accessible export pages on Lanyrd, and only for users who specifically request it.

Why do I need a Notist account to get my data?

We’re using login via a trusted source to enable us to store your data for use if you decide to use Notist in future and also to ensure we don’t send lots of spammy requests to Lanyrd’s servers. When you request your data we pop you into a queue and will email you once it is ready to download.

If you've already signed up by reserving your username, that's enough. You can log in and begin the import.