Jemima Abu

Jemima Abu

Jemima Abu is a self-taught Front-end Developer and school-taught Systems Engineer based in Lagos, Nigeria. She currently works as a Front-end Developer at Telesoftas.

She’s passionate about accessibility in websites, diversity and intersectionality in the tech-space, and cats. She regularly volunteers and mentors at organizations geared towards either of the first two initiatives.

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Redux Middleware for React Applications April 2020
Building Accessible Components in React Frontend Love Meetup April 2020
Let’s Get Func-y: An Introduction To Functional programming DevFest Ibadan November 2019
Breaking Down Best Practices for JAMstack JAMStack Lagos September 2019
CSS Grid: A How-To Guide Frontstack February 2019
Figuring Out Figma From Design To Code August 2018

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