Different shapes of Rigid Packaging Boxes

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Rigid boxes are made with sturdy stock the thick and robust nature of these boxes makes them an ideal choice for the shipment and delivery of various products.

However, there are many packaging brands that are offering these boxes in different shapes styles, and design patterns. These high-end packaging solutions add a luxury feel to your product’s presentation.

Moreover, these boxes are perfect for gift packaging as well as for the delivery of various retail products to their destination locations.

Packaging brands and their professionals are offering multiple designs of boxes made with rigid stock for the packaging of different items that belong to different fields of life.

Rigid box manufacturers are offering these durable packaging solutions in various shapes. Here are some of the most common types of boxes that are made with rigid stocks.

  • Magnetic Closer boxes
  • Flip top magnetic closer
  • Foldable boxes
  • Separate lid
  • Shoulder neck
  • Hinged Lid
  • Book style
  • Slider boxes
  • Round cylinder boxes
  • Customize shapes (hexagon, square, rectangle, star, etc.)

Rigid Boxes for Clothing Items

There are many brands that are offering a different kinds of dresses in sturdy appeal boxes made with durable stock. Customize rigid boxes can be designed in different sizes.

For example, small boxes for tie packaging, and bigger boxes for shirt and suit packaging. However, the selection of box style depends on you.

You can either choose a hinged lid style or a separate lid box for the packaging of various dresses. Moreover, you can design these boxes with various embellishments and coatings.

Add Royal Touch with silk Insert

The biggest benefit of rigid boxes is that they are popular for gift packaging. Some products required inserts to maximize the level of protection. However, if you are using these rigid boxes for the delivery of gifts you can add silk inserts inside these boxes.

The addition of silk can add a royal touch to your packaging boxes. Moreover, your product will look presentable and tempting to the customers.

Furthermore, you can choose the color of your silk as per your choice. Mostly these boxes are ideal for the presentation of wedding gifts.

Flip lid Boxes for Watch Packaging

These sturdy and solid boxes can be used for packaging and delivery of wristwatches. However, some brands prefer silk inserts and some of them used cushions inside the boxes.

The durability of these boxes maximizes the level of protection so you will be able to deliver your products with style and perfection.

As there is a high risk of glass breakage that’s why cushions or Eva foam inserts are essential for these boxes. Furthermore, a foiled stamped logo on the top side of the lid makes the packaging more fascinating and eye-appealing for the customers.

Slider-style Boxes for Jewelry items

As rigid box packaging is popular for the packaging of expensive products. That’s why these boxes are very famous in the domain of jewelry items. Different sizes of rigid boxes can be used for the packaging of various products.

However, the size of the box is selected as per the type of jewelry item. Rings can be packed in a small box and you can pack a necklace and pendants in bigger size boxes.

Besides this, there are some brands that offer these boxes with the window option too just to fascinate the customers.

Moreover, these slider boxes can be designed in different slider options in various directions. Front sliders and side sliders are the commonly used direction. You can put a ribbon notch that can help you to slide the tray easily out.

Stylish Boxes for Influencers

In this digital era, the trend of blogging and V-logging is touching the sky. However, there are different kinds of boxes that can be used to send PR packages to famous bloggers in the town.

As these bloggers mostly do unboxing live in front of cameras, at that time a Printed Rigid Box can help you in branding and promotion.

Especially when a blogger unboxes the product in front of the camera the printed logo on the boxes will surely help in promotion and advertisement. In this way, people will surely try that brand.

Wrapping All Up

Rigid boxes are durable but they are only preferred when you are dealing with special kinds of products. Moreover, the sturdy nature of these boxes makes them ideal for long-route delivery.

The perfection of the packaging stock makes your product ideal and impressive for the receivers. However, printed rigid box can showcase your products with style and perfection.