Get through this analysis of automatic transmissions before making a decision.

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Shifting of gears needs substantial engagement from a driver to keep the vehicle running, while an automatic transmission does not bother at all. And, it takes care of all the hustle while the driver can focus on steering and the road itself.

So it seems that automatic transmission is a viable alternative to manual transmission, but there are still a huge number of people who do not like automatic transmission.

Having come into existence in early 19th century, automatic transmission had started to felt its presence in mid of last century. However, it has been quite popular in last few years.

Nevertheless, it has been able to catch the manual counterparts in terms of market participation as manual transmission share s 37.17% while automatic transmission 28.72% of the global auto market.

Now the question is: why does automatic transmission fail to gain market share despite being a simple and seamless technology?

Over the past few years, automatic transmissions have overtaken their more traditional manual counterparts. However, despite appearing to be more common, automatic transmissions are not always a better option for many drivers.

Here’s an analysis to learn the reality behind the scenes.

Automatic Transmission is costlier to own but easier to use.

automatic transmission

Since the lever shift mechanism of the manual transmission needs the driver’s attention to change the gears. While automatic transmissions do not need any sort of intervention apart from setting the shifter initially, later is an easier option than the former.

In an automatic transmission, hydraulic planetary manages the gear shifting process while changing the appropriate gear at the right time.

Transmission fluid is used by automatic transmissions to regulate the escalation and decrement of gear ratios. An oil pump maintains the transmission fluid’s pressure to regulate the planetary gear train’s various clutches and bands. Driving is much more comfortable as a result of the fact that drivers are not concerned about the gears at all.

However, cars with automatic transmissions usually come at a higher price as compared to cars with manual transmissions, owing to the complexity of the technology.

On the other hand, an automatic transmission does not yield the best fuel efficiency because a torque converter plays an important role in changing gears and there are frequent adjustments during a drive as compared to simple manual gear shifting.

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Lack of real driving fun

lack of driving fun

Most people prefer the manual transmission when it comes to taking pleasure in the ride. Driving a car with a manual transmission is much more interactive as it requires using the clutch and shifting gears at the same time.

Besides, the driver governs the vehicle while having more engagement and control over the vehicle. It offers a lively experience while driving a car.

High maintenance costs

car maintenance cost

Besides, an automatic transmission’s maintenance is costly. However, most manufacturers offer lifetime maintenance free transmissions, but that is a myth. A transmission system is a complex mechanism and is prone to wear and tear.

Automatic transmissions have a lot of complex moving parts. A manual transmission does not require as much maintenance as an automatic transmission, but regular tune-ups are still required to keep the transmission in good working condition. While an automatic transmission can experience multiple problems at once, a manual transmission may eventually require a new clutch.

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Final Thoughts

final thought

When it comes to preferring a particular transmission, people have distinct choices as neither automatic nor manual has been able to dominate the automobile market.

When it comes to comparison, the automatic transmission is the safer choice. A manual transmission does need a driver’s hand and a leg to complete the process while changing the gears. However, a driver does not need to engage in the gear shifting process in an automatic transmission.

Additionally, the driver can concentrate on what is happening around them. Particularly for new or inexperienced drivers, automatic transmissions result in safer and less distracted driving.

All the above mentioned points impact the choice of a transmission, while geographic preference is also a major factor. People in Europe still have an enthusiasm for manual transmissions, but people in the USA are fond of automatic transmissions.

Along with these developments, automakers have been able to introduce other innovative technologies in space of transmission such as AMT (Automatic Manual Transmission), CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), or DCT (Dual clutch transmission).

Some are entirely new ideas while AMT offer a fusion of automatic and manual transmission both. This could be quite viable in overcoming the shortcoming of automatic transmission while improvising the manual for a better experience.

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