Pachi Parra "Codes"

Pachi Parra "Codes"

Pachi is an introvert who shines✨ on the internet and works as a Developer Relations Engineer at New Relic, where she gets to do things she loves, like writing and streaming live code.

After nannying for years, she started learning to code while connecting with the other devs and fell in love with the dev community.

Native Brazilian, she lives in the USA and her experience as an immigrant and woman in tech heavily influence her work. Creating newbie friendly content, her goal is to make a career in tech accessible to all.

Passionate streamer, you are sure to find her live coding on Twitch most days. When not streaming, Pachi watches anime, reads too many romances novels and tells people they are awesome.

Recent Presentations

Pachi puts presentations on Notist for free. You can too.