geometry dash

A presentation at geo in in United States by quitzon sandy

geometry dash is a fantastic game overall; I doubt the creators will read this. The free version offers standard levels, while the full version’s levels have variations like fingerdash and deadlocked. There are a lot more, too. The only thing I have to complain about is how difficult it seems to go on to the higher, harder, and meant to be easier stages after beating levels like clutterfunk and all of the free levels. In spite of the fact that the level you are playing on is not even an insane level. like blast processing and geometric dominator. While not classified as insane, those are challenging to do while moving from clutterfunk to one of those two stages. Electrodynamix ought to be given a demon level as well. Finally, some of the coins ought to be a little simpler to obtain. Okay, this is definitely my final complaint. I really need orbs to purchase items from the shop, but the only two methods to obtain orbs each day are to open chests or go past previous levels while achieving a high score. All of the free levels and daily levels have previously been completed by me. And none of the new levels or the weekly levels are even close to being finished by me. The gauntlets typically require a lot of effort to finish and yield few orbs. Add a new, simpler method for obtaining orbs. However, generally, Robtop, wonderful game.