Manuel Rego Casasnovas

Manuel Rego Casasnovas

Web Engines Hacker (Chromium/Blink owner & WebKit reviewer). Working on CSS Grid Layout. CSS Working Group member. Free Software/Open Source Developer. Igalia Partner.

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Be part of CSS evolution W3C Developer Meetup October 2018
Spanish: CSS Grid Layout: El futuro ya está aquí PHP Vigo Meetup April 2017
Spanish: ¡CSS Grid Layout ya está aquí! HTML5Spain Meetup June 2016
Status of CSS Grid Layout Implementation BlinkOn 6 June 2016
CSS Grid Layout from the inside out HTML5DevConf Autumn 2015 October 2015
CSS Grid Layout is just around the corner CSSConf US 2015 June 2015
CSS Grid Layout: Specification overview. Implementation status and roadmap BlinkOn 2 May 2014

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