The 6 Most Important Things That Every Car Owner Must Know

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A car owner once said, “I couldn’t repair my brakes, so I made my horn louder”. And that’s precisely why we should all be aware of the basics of car maintenance. We’re only taught about traffic rules, driving etiquette, and basic vehicle safety when we go to driving school.

However, there’s a lot of vital information about car ownership and car maintenance that we’re taught nothing about. Whether you’re on the pursuit of a driver’s license, or you’re a new car owner, there’s a lot that first-time drivers and car owners can learn. That’s where your trusty auto maintenance experts, Service My Car, comes in.

Read this blog to know more about car maintenance, and the 10 most critical aspects of car maintenance that we should all be aware of.

The 6 most important things that every car owner must know

1. How to change a tyre

It’s inevitable, yet easy to resolve. You could be out and about and end up with a flat tyre. Knowing where your tool kit is, and having the ability to change your spare tyre is vital in such circumstances.

Take your tool kit. Find the jack point underneath. Take the jack point off. Start lifting those nuts. Tighten them all down in a star pattern, and you should be good to go.

2. How to check your tyre pressure

Driving with inflated or underinflated tyres is hazardous. You’re advised to buy a tyre pressure gauge. Using it is really simple. Put it down on the inflation point of the tyre, and see how much pressure it reads.

Each car should have a warning inside the driver’s door that lists the optimal pressure for front and rear tyres. As a bonus - you can maximise on fuel efficiency too.

3. How to check your engine oil level

Changing your engine oil is simple. Checking your engine oil level is even simpler. Start by locating the dipstick. Carefully pull it out before wiping all the oil off of it. Gently place it back in before removing it again. Check the indicator to see how far the oil goes up the dipstick.

4. How to keep a vehicle maintenance log

Staying on top of your service and repair history is crucial in many factors. By maintaining a logbook, you’ll be aware of all the work that’s been carried out. Moreover, it comes in real handy when you plan to sell your car.

5. How to change your headlight bulbs

It’s so much easier to do this if you have a few crescent shaped keys. Buy a pair of headlight bulbs and read the installation directions carefully. Every car is different, but the tools you use are the same. All you need is 10 minutes and your headlights will be brighter than ever.

6. How to describe your car’s issues to your mechanic

When you visit the doctor, you’re required to clearly explain what’s ailing you. Likewise, when your car’s in for a repair, you should be able to explain what issues it has to your mechanic.

Experienced mechanics, however, can identify deeply rooted issues in your car with a simple inspection. That’s why it’s crucial to entrust your vehicle to expert mechanics such as the ones offered by Service My Car.

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