How to write a critical essay

A presentation at How to write a critical essay in in United States by Ronald Tolkien

How to write a critical analysis? To begin with, make sure you carefully read the sources that will support your views. You probably already have an opinion on the subject of your critical analysis essay. However, it is important to look at the problem from different perspectives in order to be more objective. When you read other people’s work on the topic, identify their thesis and include it as support evidence. You are a thoughtful writer when you listen to other people’s opinions. Think carefully about how you will respond to the topic matter of your essay. You should not make your views offensive to others who may read it. Also, you should consider the diverse backgrounds and experiences of people. Next, draft your essay. Every paragraph in your body must have a different point to your analysis. Each paragraph must have a point. Avoid extreme bias or any irregularities to support your arguments. Your conclusion should reiterate all points you have made, and state your overall opinion. Let’s take a look at how to write a critical essay.

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