Javascript is Everywhere

A presentation at Halfstack Conference in in London, UK by Ruth John

JavaScript is everywhere! It’s jumped out the browser and into the world around us. You can find it in hardware, music, art, museums and even on aircraft! In this interactive talk we take a look at a project which took JavaScript to the streets, projecting live visuals to music in a Portable Audio Visual Pack. We’ll break down the software built for the project, which involves audio triggered visuals using the Web Audio API and Web Animation API, with anything you can think of to build in the browser: pure HTML & CSS, SVG and canvas, plus video and images.

Then we learn how to mix these visuals, to music, live! You’ll even have a chance to get involve yourself, using your own device - it is the web after all. How do you pick this all up and carry it around the streets you ask? Don’t worry we’ll cover that too. Come and play with some fabulous street art code - it’ll be fun, you’ll learn some cool JavaScript and you’ll be inspired.

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