Designing the future of the Drupal Admin UI

A presentation at DrupalCon Europe in in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Sascha Eggenberger

The Admin UI & JavaScript Modernisation initiative is re-imagining the current content authoring experience and site administration. By now you might have seen the new Admin UI “Claro” out in the wild already, but this is just an intermediate step to apply the newly crafted Drupal Design System and deliver a first change to Drupal Core. In this session we’ll talk about what we’re working on for the future of the Drupal Admin UI – the so called “next-generation Admin UI experience” going through the following main topics:

  • We will talk on the new Drupal Admin UI Design System
  • We will take a look at the new UX improvements that have happened
  • Glimpses of the next-gen Admin UI
  • Now it’s time to think big

Speakers: Sascha Eggenberger (@saschaeggi), Archita Arora (@archita-arora), Cristina Chumillas (@ckrina)


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