Lilia Gutnik

Lilia Gutnik

Lilia has been thinking about, designing, and shipping data-driven products for enterprise customers for more than 15 years. Most recently, Lilia was a Group Product Manager at Google, leading a team of PM’s across a portfolio of product experiences spanning enterprise and consumer, mobile/web/watch/API, at the scale of close to a billion monthly active user with Google Contacts. Before Google, she was in product at Microsoft, various unsuccessful startups, and experienced the wild ride of hyper growth and IPO with PagerDuty. She’s passionate about getting stuff done, helping people be the best versions of themselves, guiding and growing product managers through the exciting chaos of hypergrowth, and helping everyone (customers, product managers, engineers) learn from data to make decisions and solve problems. In her spare time, Lilia explores the Bay Area with her toddler, coaches startup executives in public speaking, volunteers for Code2040, and watches any movie Keanu Reeves is in.

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