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Getting Out Of Our Users’ Way: Less Jank With Web Workers #PerfMatters March 2020
How To Teach An Old Dev New Tech: Learning React as a Senior Developer ReactConf AU February 2020
Going Beyond Progressive Web Apps With Service Workers ThunderPlains October 2019
Generating Art Everywhere and Fast! NEJS Conf August 2019
Internal Things: Building Internal Tools at Netflix SoCal ReactJS May 2019
Creating Your Own Image Format In The Browser CityJS May 2019
Weaving Webs of Workers JS Kongress March 2019
Fun with Service Workers Codemotion Madrid November 2018
Fun with Service Workers Codemotion Milan November 2018
Creating Your Own Image Format in the Browser JSConf Colombia November 2018
Powerful Automation with the Chrome DevTools Protocol Nordic.js September 2018

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