Common Problems with Peugeot Cars: A Comprehensive Guide

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Common Problems with Peugeot Cars

Peugeot is a renowned automobile manufacturer known for producing reliable and stylish vehicles. However, like any other brand, Peugeot cars are not immune to issues that may arise over time. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the most common problems reported by Peugeot owners, providing you with valuable insights before you make your next car purchase.

When considering the reliability of a vehicle, it is important to note that problems solved during recalls do not necessarily determine the overall reliability of the car. Even models that have been subject to recalls can still be a good choice, and vice versa. However, it is always beneficial to be informed about the most common issues that the manufacturer has recalled.

Common Problems with Peugeot Cars A Comprehensive Guide

To check if a particular Peugeot model has been affected by recalls, you can verify the vehicle identification number (VIN) with your nearest Peugeot dealer. This will provide you with valuable information about whether any potential defects have been fixed by the previous owner, especially when purchasing a second-hand car.

Peugeot 107

Peugeot 107

The Peugeot 107 is a compact city car that offers excellent fuel efficiency and a stylish design. While it is generally a reliable vehicle, there are a few common problems that have been reported by owners:

1. Timing Chain Tensioner: Some Peugeot 107 models may experience issues with the timing chain tensioner. This can result in a rattling noise coming from the engine. If left unaddressed, it can lead to more severe engine damage.

2. Clutch Problems: A number of Peugeot 107 owners have reported clutch-related issues, such as difficulty in engaging gears or a slipping clutch. These issues can often be resolved by replacing the clutch assembly.

3. Electrical Problems: Certain Peugeot 107 models have been known to experience electrical issues, such as faulty wiring or malfunctioning dashboard lights. It is recommended to have these issues diagnosed and repaired by a certified technician.

Peugeot 108

Peugeot 108

The Peugeot 108 is another popular compact car known for its fuel efficiency and modern features. Here are some common problems associated with this model:

4. Gearbox Issues: Some Peugeot 108 owners have reported problems with the gearbox, such as difficulty in shifting gears or a noisy transmission. These issues may require a gearbox inspection and potential repair.

5. Air Conditioning Problems: A few Peugeot 108 owners have experienced issues with the air conditioning system, such as insufficient cooling or a complete failure. It is advisable to have the system checked and repaired by a qualified technician.

6. Suspension Noise: Certain Peugeot 108 models may develop a knocking or creaking noise from the suspension. This can be caused by worn-out suspension components and may require replacement.

Peugeot 207

Peugeot 207

The Peugeot 207 is a stylish and practical hatchback known for its comfortable ride and ample interior space. However, there are a few common issues that owners have reported:

7. Engine Misfire: Some Peugeot 207 models may experience engine misfires, resulting in rough idling or a loss of power. This can be caused by faulty ignition coils or spark plugs, which may need to be replaced.

8. Power Steering Problems: A few Peugeot 207 owners have encountered issues with the power steering system, such as heavy steering or a complete loss of power assistance. These issues should be addressed by a qualified mechanic to ensure safe driving.

9. Cooling System Leaks: Certain Peugeot 207 models have been known to develop coolant leaks, which can lead to engine overheating. It is important to have any coolant leaks repaired promptly to prevent engine damage.


In conclusion, Peugeot cars are generally reliable vehicles that offer style, comfort, and performance. While there are some common problems that have been reported by owners, it is important to note that not all cars of the same model will experience these issues. Regular maintenance, timely repairs, and addressing any recalls can help ensure the longevity and reliability of your Peugeot car. Before making a purchase, it is always advisable to thoroughly inspect the vehicle, check its history, and consult with a qualified mechanic to address any potential concerns.

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