This is not about code

A presentation at NewCrafts in in Paris, France by Aleth Gueguen

Code is merely the expression of business process requirements

If we can't understand all the underlying bits and pieces of any process --why it's been laid this way-- we can't craft quality software. We should be very humble on how we choose a technological stack We're not hired to write the most elegant, up to date algorithm and clever software. We're hired to deliver a mean to an end. To empower other people and unburden them from petty hassle and help them do their job better. None of this imply using the latest hottest framework of the day.

What is the process I've put in place to make sure I correctly understand the business and the problem we're trying to solve. What the software is meant to deliver in term of value : increase productivity ? easier to focus on business related tasks ? Better morale for the team ? Being a solo consultant, means that I have to bend the tools(scrum, event storming) to my needs and capacity. Often it's not very practical to implement a full agile method. There is just not enough people to put together a team.

Main take away What i've learned from being a boutique business tool builder How i made my own flavor of agile/bdd, How to take advantage of being close to the decision makers as well as the people who will use the software. how to overcome the difficulty of having the client not invest enough time and ressources into continuously testing importance of properly onboarding stakeholders


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