Need to Jump Start Your Car? Here’s What To Do (And What Not To)

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Let’s face it. At some point, our car battery’s going to fail us. In such situations, it doesn’t matter what type of car you drive. All you need is a starter - usually another car in the vicinity, and some courage.

Jump starting a car is relatively easy. It can get difficult, and dangerous, if not done properly though. If you suspect that your battery has issues, it’s best to get a thorough inspection.

The rule of thumb is to always rely on the experts if you’re unsure about what to do. With that in mind, let’s tap in our resident auto service gurus for some jump starting tips.

Read on to know more about what to do, and what not to do, when it comes to jump starting your dead battery.

Which car do you put jumper cables on first?

jumper cable

As you’re probably aware, you need two cars to successfully use jumper cables. Start by popping the hoods of both cars open. You must then connect the red and black clamps to the dead battery.

Once that’s done, you can do the same to the car with the functioning battery. This serves as the power required to jump start the dead battery. Start the working car and let it sit for a minute to power the dead battery enough to start the other car too.

How long should you run a car after a jump?


Once the car has started, let it run for a couple of minutes to generate enough charge for the battery. After that’s done, you should unhook the clamps in the reverse order of how you had applied them.

Ensure that you drive the car around for at least 30 minutes before you stop again. If you fail to do so, your battery might need another jump start.

Does jump starting a car damage the computer?

damage car computer

Modern cars are built around extensive technological systems. The amount of electronics that go into modern cars pose a myriad of advantages, and some disadvantages.

A sudden power surge, such as what’s emitted from a jump start, could potentially damage these electronic units. That’s why it’s imperative to have expert roadside assistance for such situations.

Getting the support of flat battery experts like Service My Car can be immensely beneficial in reducing the risk of electronic damage after a jump start.

What to do when jump starting your car?

jumo starting you car

• Before you do anything, go through the owner’s manual. It’s vital to understand the battery terminals and how they interact with jumper cables.

• Some vehicle manufacturers prohibit you from jump starting the vehicle. If you vehicle manufacturer is one of them, don’t jump start your car as doing so may void your warranty.

• You must follow all the precautions listed in the owner’s manual. These include precautions such as removing a fuse, turning on the defroster, etc.

• You must check the battery’s voltage in the car being used for jump starting the dead battery. If the voltages don’t match, it poses as severe risk of damage to both vehicles.

• Ensure that both the cars are close enough for the cables to reach. However, you must also ensure that cars are not touching each other.

• Make sure to turn off the engine in the car that’s being used to jump start the dead battery.

• You must unplug any accessories being used, as the power surge could cause them to short.These accessories include phone chargers, AUX cords, etc.

• Ensure that both the cars being used are in P (park) or N (neutral), with the handbrakes applied.

• You must ensure that all electrical units are turned off in both the vehicles. These would include headlights, indicators, hazard lights, radios, cabin lights, etc.

• For personal safety precautions, ensure to have rubber gloves and safety goggles on when jump starting the battery.

What NOT to do when jump starting your car?

tips to jump start your car

• Ensure that you never lean over, or stay too close to the batteries of both cars.

• While this is supposed to go without saying, you must avoid smoking at all costs when attempting to jump start your car.

• You must never attempt to jump start your car if the battery fluids are frozen. Frozen battery fluids in such scenarios could lead to an explosion.

• The same applies for a battery that’s damaged or leaking in any way. If you observe a crack or any kind of leakage, avoid jump starting the car, as it could lead to an explosion.

What to do once you’ve successfully jump started your car?

successful jump start your car

If you’ve reached this stage after successfully jump starting your car, then congratulations! Your next few steps are absolutely crucial.

• Once you’ve successfully jump started your car, let it sit and idle for anywhere between 5-10 minutes. This will help charge the dead battery.

• Make an attempt to start the car with the dead battery. If it refuses to start, then you must let it idle for some more time.

• After some time has lapsed, try to carefully adjust the positive cable to the terminal to get a better connection.

• Try to start the car again. If the car starts, remove the cables carefully in reverse. You must ensure that the cables don’t touch each other at this stage.

• Don’t forget to thank anyone that helped you jump start your car.

After you’ve successfully started your car, ensure that you run the vehicle for at least 30 minutes. This period will allow the alternator to completely charge the battery.

However, there are instances where the battery continues to drop the charge. If you experience such symptoms, it’s best to get a battery expert to inspect your car.

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