Fast Fashion… How Missguided revolutionised their approach to site performance

A presentation at DeltaV Conference in in London, UK by Andy Davies

Missguided are one of the UK's most innovative and fast-moving fashion retailers but as with many other retailers, web performance hasn't always been our highest priority.

In summer 2017 we started to make performance improvements and as a result, Android revenue increased significantly. Spurred on by this success we created a dedicated performance team and embarked on a journey to dramatically improve performance right across the site. All sites evolve over time and ours was no different, there was legacy code to be unpicked, new techniques to try and stakeholder needs to balance.

In this talk, we share some of the approaches we took, the challenges we faced and the lessons we learned. We'll also talk about the performance and revenue gains, and as ultimately getting faster is about making customers happier, their reaction too.