Bossed Up Power Hour: Women Dominating In Tech Panel

A presentation at General Assembly in in Atlanta, GA, USA by Angel Banks

About this event Overview: Recently, the tech industry has come under a lot of scrutiny as being an all boys’ club. At this event, discover how women are changing that culture.

What You’ll Take Away: During this “talk show” style interview, you will hear from two great women share their career stories and how they plan to encourage more women to pursue careers in the business and overcome adversity.

Why It Matters: If you’ve been contemplating a career in tech but are apprehensive about it because of all the negative press about the “male culture”, this event will empower you to take charge and feel supported that there’s a community of strong women out there who has your back.

Featured Expert: Join Helen Ngo, CEO and Founder of Capital Benchmark Partners, for an evening of real “girl talk” as she interviews two GA alumni women about how they are breaking into the male dominated tech industry and how they plan to bring more women into the business.


Make great connections with other women who are on the same mission as you. Discover the power of Atlanta’s Bossed Up community and how it can help you from career burnout and overcome adversity. Network & develop new relationships with other entrepreneurial women in the community.